Types of Good and True Papers

What is an Article?

For W. J. S Poerwadarminta( 1994), the article is a noted explanation submitted for further review.

The article can also be said as an artificial record in which there is a fruit of the thought of an author who has not yet been published and has objective ity.

Paper Types

  1. Scientific Articles

An objective article is an article that is a case of objective research. The content of this type of article cannot simply be sourced from opinions or views that are individually biased.

  1. Work Articles

This type of article is obtained from a research. In addition to objective articles, activity articles allow the author to share individually biased views of the cases reviewed.

  1. Review Articles

This article is an article whose content is a way to get out of something that is controversial.

  1. Position Article

A position article is an article whose preparation is tried on the request of a party, where the purpose of this type of article is like a substitute for the way out of a case.

  1. Analysis Articles

As the name suggests, this type of article is charged with various analysis of a case of fair character and empirical character.

  1. Article Responses

This type of article is a very frequent one owned by students or students such as the obligation of a teacher or lecturer. The content of this article is the assumption or response of the author to a case that is again intertwined.

Paper Form

After recognizing the interpretation and different types of articles, it’s time you started to understand the different levels of creating articles.

However, when you point to the method of creating an article, it’s a good idea to recognize first what the structure is to make it easier for you to prepare tomorrow.