Test Experience at BANK BRI

This time I’m going to tell you a little bit about the test procession I attended at BANK BRI. So in early December, before graduation, I was talking about job openings. Meet this job vacancy from Bank BRI on bank BRI website. The jobs available are for frontliner or customer service / teller positions in BRI Kanwil Jogja. That is, if you pass later you will be placed in Jogja. Once I’ve searched for info, to have a career in the bank is generally through the frontliner line. Although there is a trainee management line or management depelopment program. However, the path is very tight because it will be prepared to be the manager or chairman of the company in the future.

To register at BRI the steps are as follows. The first is administrative selection. Both initial interviews. All three psychotes. The final four interviews/ user interviews. All five medical check-ups or health tests. Sixth, sign the contract. Quite long and long is the process, but generally the selection of such a large company because of its many fans.

In the administrative selection, we are asked to fill in our identity and work experience / organization on bri website and upload a full body photo and photo pass. Frontliner positions themselves may come from all majors, except medicine, health, or nursing. I myself finished filling out the form and the list was around December 6 and took a test spot in Purwokerto. Incidentally, the test is in several cities, one of which is Purwokerto. After that, I often go to the BRI website and open emails, but there is no notification whatsoever. Then around January 6th I got a text and email to follow the initial interview at Sudirman Kodim Banyumas Building. His own interview was on January 11. I’m so happy to have that news. For an initial interview because I’ve been figuring out information on the internet usually whatever’s asked, I feel optimistic about getting away with it. So, I’m trying to get myself to psychotest. After that I went to gramedia and bought a psychotest training book. Even so, 2 days before the test interview I practiced a lot and looked for examples of work interview questions on the internet. I also studied BRI products for fear of being asked later.

I guess psychotests were held about a week after the initial interview. But it turns out that psychotest is held the next day. So I interviewed the three sessions at 1:00 and at 5:00 p.m. there was already a question of who would qualify for the psychotest the next day. Those who pass are required to attend psychotests at 7:30 a.m. in the UMP auditorium.

At the time of the initial interview we were only asked to tell about ourselves, our activities, our achievements. After that HRD gives different questions. I told myself about my activities while in college and told me about the activities I did at BEM. I find organizational experience very useful at the time, especially if we’ve ever held a strategic position like head of field or chairman.

At 5pm I got a text and email that I was invited to a psychotest. I immediately bought exam equipment and printed photos as a condition of taking the test. I’m so glad to hear that I passed the initial interview. There are some of my friends who didn’t get away, some even far from Bogor but he didn’t get away either. The initial number of participants was about 400 people, and those who passed the psychotest were about 160 people.

In the evening, I immediately releed the questions of psychotest, especially mathematics and creaplin test because I was weak in the number count. Even though it’s a little less well, I’m still trying to learn about psychotests. I went to bed around 12 pm and set 4 hours awake. Despite trying to sleep again, still can’t. I finally woke up and opened up about psychotests. I also practice doing wartegg tests and draw a person and tree test. Although I get advice before psychotest it’s better to sleep and rest than to study all night. But, I thought let me open up about maths later in the 😀 test.

At about 06:00 I had breakfast, the food I had bought from semalem. After that I drink bitter coffee without sugar so as not to be sleepy and can concentrate highly. Then at 7 o’clock I left for ump. Upon arrival at the UMP auditorium, many participants gathered. The exam itself starts at 08:00. The questions tested are basic mathematics, number series, picture series, antonym synonyms and word match, creaplin test, army alpha test, wartegg test, test draw a person and tree, and personality test.

The test kreaplin is a test where we are asked to sum numbers from bottom to top by following the instructions. The alpha army test we were asked to work on the question according to the instructions read out. While test wartegg we are asked to draw objects in 8 boxes that have been given a line first. Test draw a person and tree that we are asked to draw humans and trees. This Test was actually the first time I’ve been on a Djarum scholarship in the 6th semester, but I didn’t qualify, because I did it as well as the origin of wkwk. When the test itself was as expected, I was ugly in basic math. Out of about 40 questions, I think I could be less than 20. But the other part I work full. I also hope in the test creaplin and image my grades are good, especially kreaplin because this creasplin test tests precision, tenacity, speed, durability, and concentration. Such capabilities are urgently needed for a bank teller.

After that the test finishes at 11:00 and breaks until 12:00. We are asked to keep gathering in front of the UMP auditorium to be called the final interview. My name was called around 1 p.m. with two other people. So I interviewed two other people, and the two guys were girls. The one who interviewed me was a mother whose face looked friendly. Then we’re asked who wants to tell you first about him, and then I quickly raise my hand. Then I started telling stories about myself, just like what I told you about the initial interview. Once I’ve finished the other turn, next to me is an MBA who’s been working. While the other one is just like me just graduated. Once you’re done, each one answers a different question. For those MBA’s work, he was asked not to be housed in marketing. He said ready. The other mba I forgot what the question is. While I myself was asked ‘What’s your career plan for the next five years?’ I firmly replied I wanted a career in the bank. I explained that despite my social background, I feel my main needs, my family, and society today are economic needs. And the bank I think is an institution that can help advance the economy in Indonesia. If given the opportunity I would like to continue my career in the bank from frontliner to branch head. But as I spoke, reflexively my hands were squealing and I was unconscious. After I noticed the mba next door, I just realized that my hand was slinging backwards. Hurry up and move it forward.

After that we are asked what each other’s shortcomings are. I replied that my shortcomings departed from my own experience as chairman that I often lack data and analysis when it comes to making decisions, eventually the decisions are often wrong or wrong. My way of covering up these shortcomings is to consult diligently and seek advice to people who are experts in their field, so that my decisions are better. At the end of the day, the other mbas were told to go home, but I was asked to stay in the chair. His mother kept saying while seyum ” mas lutfi, tomorrow his appearance is neatened again yes, the same hands do not nyender back gini, just forward aja, same face straight forward, tomorrow fear in the interview with BRI center later …” I kept answering “oh yes ma’am sorry hehe thank you mom for her advice..” after that shake and go home. I don’t know why I think that moment is so :D. Maybe my shirt, my pants, my shoes, or my hair are not neat times. Because, if the face emang already can not be neated again wkwk.

After that there is an announcement that the test results will bemumukan maximum one month via email and sms. Participants who pass later are immediately asked for a health test or medical check up. May I get away with it. Even so, I yesterday also went to BNI Syariah Purwokerto branch and BNI Syariah Jogja branch which happened to be open. Now just wait for the call. I plan to keep following the selection at both banks in anticipation if I fail to qualify for BRI. If I’m accepted by everyone, I don’t want to have to own one of those banks.

This test experience is quite interesting anyway and gives a lesson. I saw the other participants neatly. Many girls wear blazers, high heels, and makeup. Beautiful, slim-slim, tall and :D. The guy, too, is handsome and tall. So minder wkwk.