Letter Understanding & Examples of Letter Formats

Here I will explain the material about the letter which includes the understanding of the letter, The form of letter writing & examples of the most complete letter format. For more details see the discussion below. Have a good time.

The Meaning of Letters

In communicating, humans provide information to each other. The provision of information by humans is done in two ways, namely orally or in writing. Verbal information occurs if the whistleblower comes face to face either directly or indirectly.

The communication process can be done by speaking by phone, radio, television, and so on. However, if you are unable to deal with the communication can be done by mail.
Surat is one of the written means of communication to convey information from one party (person, agency, or organization) to another party (person, agency, or organization).

Mail Format

As a written means, letters have a writing format, especially official letters or services. With the letter format, letter writing becomes regular, parts of the letter are not written arbitrarily but placed according to the provisions.

  • Letter Writing form or Letter Format
  • Letter writing form or letter format that is commonly used there are 5 forms, namely:
  • full block style
  • block style
  • semiblock style
  • indented style
  • hanging paragraph form

Half-straight or semiblock style there are two types, namely the old Indonesian form (version a) and the new Indonesian form (version b). Based on observations in the use of letter form, old indonesian official letters use the format of version a, while the official letters of Indonesia only use the format version b.

In relation to the letter format, the Language Center in daily correspondence activitieszimes the half-straight format version b. Dan, the Language Center recommends to the public, through the extension of Indonesian language in various agencies, counseling indonesian language by phone or by mail, to use the half-straight format b because this is considered more e?sien and more interesting.