How to Approach Tough Interview Questions

The best approach that a candidate can take in answering job interview questions is to be honest, yet convincing. This will impress the interviewer and give the candidate a high chance of landing the job. This article will guide candidates on how to approach some of the most difficult job interview questions in the most suitable way.

Q1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

The candidate should aim to keep his answer fairly general and avoid being too specific. Essentially, giving the interviewer a broad response will prevent him from having doubts that the candidate will be a good fit for the position.

Additionally, the candidate should stress on his interest in having a long-term career at the company. This will be appealing to the interviewer, who wants assurance that whoever he hires will be ready to settle in and be loyal to the organisation.

Q2. Do you have the skills, expertise and experience required to perform the job?

The candidate should consider the key skills that are required for the job that he has applied for. He should also evaluate his level of expertise and experience in those areas.

Candidates must be careful not to give irrelevant information when answering this question. Essentially, interviewers often ask this question to test if the candidate is aware of the key skills, expertise and experience that is required for the job.

Furthermore, the response of the candidate will be a clear indication to the interviewer if he knows what it takes to perform the job well.

Q3. How do you think this company can be more disabled-friendly?

Many companies want to recruit more disabled individuals. These organisations often do have these individuals’ best intentions at heart and want to employ them so that they can earn their keeps and support themselves financially.

When answering the question, candidates can mention that the firm starts with its corporate culture. Essentially, the way able-bodied employees treat their disabled colleagues can serve as an indicator of how disabled-friendly a company.

Additionally, the candidate can consider suggesting that the firm provides better training and workplace accommodation to its disabled employees. It is essential that he shows the interviewer that he is aware that simply hiring more disabled individuals is not sufficient for the firm to be considered disabled-friendly.

Q4. What do you think this company can do better or differently?

In order to answer this question well, the candidate must have researched on the company’s background beforehand. Essentially, the interviewer wants to test how much the candidate knows about the company as well as his abilities to think critically about its strengths and weaknesses.

It is essential that the candidate is able to come up with fresh and creative ideas on how the company can improve; this could be related to its customer service, features and policies.

Q5. How can the workplace be made greener?

Many businesses have been doing their best to make their firm environmentally sustainable. One of their main areas of motivation in doing this is the trending customer preference towards companies that are conscious of the environment.

When answering this question, candidates should give unique ideas, such as doing organic catering, building a ‘green’ application and adopting manufacturing practices that reduce carbon footprint.

In conclusion, candidates should make it a point to know the required skills, expertise and experience that is required of the job that they are applying for. They should also make every effort to know more about the company and pay close attention to its corporate culture, mission and values. Essentially, they have a better chance of acing their job interview if they are knowledgeable on the job requirements as well as the company’s background.