How To Answer The Interview Question – How Do You Work In Teams?

You know those exciting and invigorating interview questions you get when you apply for a job? One example is, “How do you work in teams?”

This is a common and almost ubiquitous question in interview rooms across the world. Employers must want to know the answer to this question for a reason. But what is this reason? Why does your potential employer care about whether or not you can work well in teams? Why does he or she care if you find it hard to work with others? Well the answer is usually pretty simple. You will most likely be working in teams in your new potential job.

This could mean that you are specifically part of a team or a department, like grocery or general merchandise for instance. This could also mean you are often working with others in general and must learn to get along and be part of a good team to get a good job done. The employer is really trying to understand how you will react when you are put in a setting where you are working with others. The employer wants to know you will not be anti social or unhelpful when working with others. If this is what the employer thinks, then you are unlikely to make a good impression.

The way to answer this question positively is to answer it with a positive attitude toward teamwork and teams in general. Tell a story about a time when you had to work with a team and you did well. Tell the interviewer that your team did well and that you did well within your team. This is a sure fire way to prove yourself to your new potential employer. Avoid saying that you work better alone, or that working with others is hard for your. This is the wrong answer in all situations. You do not want to come across as anti social or unlikable. You also do not want to come off as not liking other people or not being able to work with other people. These are important skills for most jobs.

A good response would be an example as stated. A positive example, of course, would do best. A response like this would work well, “In previous jobs I have worked on teams frequently and have found that we have been able to easy compromise and work well using out collective efforts.” This highlights your good points and shows that you do indeed work well in teams.