How to Answer 3 Inappropriate Interview Questions

Now I know some of you may be thinking “why would I answer a inappropriate question?” Well that is up to you but if you want the job below are some ways to answer without answering. Sure you could throw up your guards or let them know the law. But I would highly suggest against it because it wastes your time. That is not to say alerting or taking legal action is a waste of your time. But lets look at the main goal which is to get the job.

Also the interviewer for a variety of reasons. For instance personal obligation questions may come up because of a previous employee issue in that area. And frankly some interviewers just don’t know.

What religion are you? – answer: I believe in a higher power- This doesn’t give specifics and even if your a atheist that higher power could be science. Also move the conversation twords a question you have about the position.

That’s an interesting last name, what’s your ethnic group? – answer: Hey I am a part of this crazy mixed up human race like everyone. You can answer in a variety of ways also you can say you don’t know exactly to avoid specifics.

How old are you? -answer: Young enough and spirited to do a great job and old enough to remain consistent and add experience. If you’re young replace experience with enhancement.

I am sure you get the idea. The overall goal is not to freak out. The last thing you want to do is get on the defensive. Answer intelligently but not in a descriptive way. My last suggestion is to relay it back to the position your interviewing. That way you can keep the conversation focused on the interview, job, and company.